Historic milestones

Bad Füssing: They were searching for mineral oil - and found a legendary mineral spring instead


The history in brief
1938 Drilling of the first thermal source (called “Therme Eins”). The Municipality of Safferstetten has 476 inhabitants and 80 agricultural farms; the hamlet of Füssing has 6 agricultural farms

1947 First limited use of the spa bath

1949 General access to all the bathing facilities | the first restaurant beside the spa opens

1952 Analysis of the thermal water by the Balneology Institute, University of Munich

1953 First expertise speaks of the water's effective curative power

1955 Establishment of a thermal spa private limited company, ‘Thermalbad Füssing GmbH’

1955 Establishment of "Füssing thermal spa special purpose association"

1955 Safferstetten has 707 inhabitants, 230 guest beds and 14.060 registered overnight stays

1957 The District of Lower Bavaria joins the Füssing Thermal Spa Special Purpose Association

1957 Work starts on developing the spa area

1959 Work starts on building the communal cure house (special purpose association)

1960 Safferstetten has 708 inhabitants, 730 guest beds and 113.800 registered overnight stays

1961 Inauguration of the communal cure house

1962 Spa gardens are built

1963/64 Drilling of thermal spring II and III

1965 Safferstetten has 806 inhabitants, 1.530 guest beds and 306.949 registered overnight stays

1966 “Kurmusik” (music of the municipal orchestra) throughout the year

1967/69 Building and opening of the Johannesbad Clinic with treatment rooms, thermal baths and 200 beds

1969 The title "Bad" (“spa”) is awarded to the district Füssing. Completion of the small event-hall (called “Kleines Kurhaus”)

1971 Amalgamation of the municipalities Safferstetten, Würding and Egglfing to the community Bad Füssing

1970/72 Construction of the spa centre with small event-hall (“Kleines Kurhaus”)

1972 The town of Aigen joins the large town of Bad Füssing

1973 With 1.025.176 overnight stays, Bad Füssing exceeds the one million mark for the first time. Because of this, the spa is in third place among the Bavarian spas.

1974/75 Expansion of the buildings of the Thermalbad Füssing GmbH, expansion of the clinic “Johannesbad” and construction of the clinic "Niederbayern"

1975/76 Expansion of the "Zweckverband Bad Füssing" building and reconstruction of the indoor and outdoor swimming facilities

1976 First construction phase of the leisure and recreation park completed. A heated indoor pool and swimming pools are added to the municipal sports pool. The previously existing facilities are renovated.

1977 Rebuilding of the town hall begins.
Second construction phase of the leisure and recreation park is completed. Construction work on the new event-hall (called "Großes Kurhaus")
Bad Füssing has 6.056 inhabitants and 1.565.000 registered overnight stays

1978 Medicinal herb garden and a pavilion are built in the spa gardens
Construction of a fountain in the park
Hiking trails are extended
Completion of the first building phase of the new event-hall
Third construction phase of leisure and recreation park begins
For the first time, the spa welcomes its 85.000th guest and registers over 1.8 million overnight stays

1979 Construction of a bird trail at the river Inn
Expansion of recreational parks
The resort has 9.000 beds. For the first time the resort welcomes the 95.000th visitor and reaches over 2 million overnight stays

1980 Third construction phase of leisure park is completed
Completion of the parking garage with 172 parking spaces
The spa welcomes its 100.000th guest for the first time
2.25 million overnight stays
Inauguration of the new event-hall “Großes Kurhaus” (with conference facilities, games and reading rooms, large event-hall)

1981 Sports grounds and sports facilities are established
Thermalbad Füssing GmbH enlarges treatment facilities; a two-storey underground car park is built (180 parking spaces)
Klinikum Johannesbad GmbH: expansion - Construction of a water park
Establishment of a game reserve

1982 Fourth construction phase of leisure park is completed (playing fields)
Planning of following constructions begins

1983/84 Fifth construction phase of the leisure park's expansion is completed; building of a sheltered table-chess-facility; establishment of a children’s playground at the Fire Brigade building; building of a Kneipp facility; building of three asphalted curling rinks

1984/85 Expansion of the underground car park at the spa centre (350 parking spaces)

1985 Building of a boccia course, game tables and new seats at the spa centre (spa gardens) – expansion of the bandstand area in the spa garden
Construction of a gymnasium hall at the leisure park (beside the game reserve)
2.6 million overnight stays, 127.100 spa guests, 11.800 guest beds and 6.423 inhabitants.

1986 Completion of the gym (at the end of the year)

1988 Bad Füssing has about 6.500 inhabitants, 13.300 guest beds, and almost 3.2 million overnight stays

1989 Moving into the new tourist information building;
first winner at the state competition "our habitat - deliberately designed nature"

1992 Award for being a nonsmoker -friendly resort

1993 Opening of the LVA Rheumatism Clinic
89th German Baths Day

1994 Design of the "Protestant. Christ Church" by the internationally renowned painter Christian Ludwig Attersee

1996 “Europa Therme” - Establishment of a pool complex with sauna paradise

1997 Start of construction of the State Casino Bad Füssing

1999 State Casino of Bad Füssing opens

2002 18-hole golf course opens

2003 The unique sauna landscape “Saunahof” opens next to the “Therme Eins”
Initial start up of the cold chamber of the Rheumatism Clinic

2004 The „biovital®BewegungsParcours“ opens in June as a novelty in Europe
Inauguration of the cold chamber in the Rheumatism Clinic
Inauguration of the new esplanade called Kurplatz on Kurallee

2005 Opening of the prophylaxis-centre
Opening of the „DSV-Nordic-Walking-Parcours“ Bad Füssing - new route network "Pockinger heath" (167 km in and around Bad Füssing)

2005/06 Completion of the first and second construction section of the large event-hall's reconstruction

2006 Spectacular new whirlpool jets, a new thermal waterfall, refreshing hot-cold pool and steam room, as well as a new atrium await guests at the “Therme Eins”

2006/07 Completion of the third construction section of the large event-hall

2007 Bad Füssing is launching a pilot project: “Treffpunkt Gesundheit” - Our personal health advisors inform guests about the versatile range of therapies and put together the right program for them to stay healthy and fit

2007/08 Completion of the fourth construction section of the big event-hall

2008 Opening of Europes first potato-sauna in the “Saunahof” at the “Therme Eins"

2009 Opening of the international Professor Bankhofer centre for medical communication
Reopening of the big event-hall after a complex reconstruction

2009/10 Umfangreiche Modernisierung der Kurverwaltung Bad Füssing und Eröffnung des Kur- & GästeService

2010 Opening of the “Kur- & GästeService” (tourist information centre) after alteration and modernisation  

2013/14 Redevelopment of the Europe Therme's small outdoor pool

2015 Purchase of a new artificial ice rink by the township
2015 Bad Füssing develops the "OnkoTrainKur" - a strengthening power source for tumor patients.
2016 Presentation of the study of the University of Würzburg: "Ten days in Bad Füssing protect from stress and burnout.
2016 Introducing the study: "A spa town reinvents itself" - the future development of Bad Füssing
2017 Bad Füssing receives the certificate "allergikerfreundliche Kommune" ("community that's suitable for allergy sufferers")
2019 New design and re-opening of the "biovital®BewegungsParcours & BarfußParcours"(movement parcours)
certificate: "Reisen für alle" ("travelling for everyone")
2021 Certificate: "Top Kurort 2021" ("top spa town 2021")