Geological representation …with the power of the three thermal springs

Men found it by a fortunate coincidence - it wasn’t what they’d been looking for; it wasn’t oil or technical progress. What they found was human felicity, the source of life - water! For millions of years it had slumbered in the vast depths of the earth.

The proof of good quality:

A representative survey, carried out among more than 3,000 spa guests, showed that over 90% of Bad Füssing's visitors clearly felt fitter at the end of their stay! 

After drilling to a depth of 1,000 metres, it finally rose to the surface in 1938: sulphurous thermal mineral water at a temperature of 56 degrees.
A modern fairy tale took its course: The Cinderella Füssing, from the sleepy part of the country, became the radiant princess of the health spas of the world.

Thousands of people came from far and wide and they carried the message of Bad Füssing's legendary water and its beneficial and curative effects to all continents. The princess turned into a millionaire of overnight stays and became more beautiful, more mature and more modern.

Today Bad Füssing fulfils the desires and dreams of its guests and unifies generations and nations in their common pursuit of enjoyment and health. Three modern public baths, large parks and numerous sports facilities are available. Body and soul unite for a deep sense of security at the Kaiser-spa or at the Rasul-bath, in the Roman caves and the various wellness temples. Dip in!