Jovitalis at the Johannesbad

It's not only Germany's largest thermal spring - there is a good deal more to experience in Bad Füssing's Johannesbad. The former medical, wellness and beauty area was expanded by the medical fitness area, as well as by active- and preventive courses. With this, an innovative center for medical fitness, exercise, sports, rehab sports, prevention, recreation, performance diagnostics, medical wellness, beauty and physiotherapy in a 2.000 m² area was developed on the first floor of the Johannesbad.

In the new Jovitalis rooms, people of every age can complete their fitness training with or without subscription. They can do remedial gymnastics on the machines, medical training therapy or prevention- and activity courses. Strength, endurance and coordination are improved in light-flooded rooms with view of the nature or the Johannesbad's thermal bath world. There also is a VIP-training area with premium training machines. In addition you can meet nice people in the new lounge of the Jovitalis and at the thermal spring bar.

Numerous IT-based, user-friendly high-tech-training machines, special cross trainers, treadmills, 3D-power stations, ergometers and a free barbell area await fitness fans, health-conscious people, free time sportspersons and competitive athletes or rehab patients. The machines have been constructed according to the newest medical-scientific awareness and automatically adjust themselves to the training person. Therapists in the Jovitalis create, in consultation with doctors, innovative, individual computer based training concepts, with the training being stored by special software. The data can be used to optimize computer based training.

In the new and highly functional rooms you can find classes such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, back exercises, cardio training as well as outpatient physical therapy. Also available is a specialized performance analysis to determine the fitness status for a perfectly customized training - using measurements of force (isokinetic) and spinal measurement (MediMouse).
The trainees are supervised by highly qualified, certified teachers, qualified sports therapists and physiotherapists. Highest quality standards endorse the four-time certification of the Johannesbad clinic.

There are numerous positive effects of the medical fitness training and the activity- and prevention offers: gaining flexibility, improving coordination, increasing muscular strength and muscular endurance, reducing weight, activating the metabolism of cartilages, strengthening ligaments, improving the immune system, increasing oxygen in the blood, heart invigoration, reducing stress as well as preventing common sport injuries, burnout, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more.

Highly effective is the combination of medical fitness, activity programs, and thermal baths. After the training, the thermal water additionally activates the blood flow and the metabolism. The combination of fitness and thermal bathing increases the training effect. Because of the flotation in the thermal water, additional fitness exercises are possible. Fears can be reduced through movement, because one of the beneficial effects of thermal bathing is the relaxation of the autonomic nervous system. Particularly effective for joint diseases is the combination of excercise training and the special sulphur of the Johannesbad's healing water.

After the fitness training, the Johannesbad offers its guests sports massages, Germany's largest spa with massage and exercise pools and five saunas.

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