Sauna court

a sauna landscape in a new dimension

Exceptional and multifaceted - this is how the unique sauna landscape of Bad Füssing presents itself. Generous and hospitable, modern and yet surrounded by an incomparable historical ambience - this is the sauna court of the Therme Eins: pure enjoyment and relaxation in the original “Rottal Vierseithof” (four-sided courtyard). Enjoy varying seasonal sauna infusions in an incomparable atmosphere.

Zeichnung von Handtuch und Aufgussbehälter

Potato sauna

Europe’s singular potato sauna accommodates 50 persons and thus forms the biggest sauna room in the sauna court. With its over 200 m² space, it looks like a rebuilt historic potato basement. Here we offer peeling treatments with a climate of 60 degrees and 70 % air humidity.

Witches' sauna with 80 degrees

The witches’ sauna offers space for 60 people. There are pictures of witches on the walls and two witches are used as ventilators. New energy sources promise special infusions, such as the "Old hag", that animates the body and mind with its scents. Hot vapors and soothing sweating cures assure fabulous hours in an unique atmosphere.

Hunter's sauna

The special flair of the Hunter’s Sauna is certainly part of the reason why the Saunahof is now among the very best sauna centers in all of Germany. It goes without saying that the sauna also has infusions to match the mood. The “poacher” and “hunter” infusions, smelling of the forests and fields, the unavoidable cry of “Tally ho!” and the odd hunting story make the “Hunter’s Sauna” an absolute highlight for all our guests.

Scrub essences for sensory pleasures

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, various special infusions and scrub treatments provide the very best in sauna enjoyment and well-being. Various scrubs are available, including sea salt, brine and sauna-honey scrubs, as well as potato extract. After the peeling at the potato-sauna, steamed and spiced potatoes are handed to the guests as a tasty snack.

Healing fragrances out of the “garden of senses”

A bloomy experience: Guests from all over Europe are delighted by the new health-promoting aroma experiences.

Opening times

Every day 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Admission charges

3 hours sauna court + thermal spring € 19.50
5 hours sauna court + thermal spring € 23.00
Day ticket sauna court + thermal spring € 26.50

Prepaid ticket

When you buy a prepaid card for € 100 you get a 7% discount, for a € 200 prepaid card you get a 10% discount on entrance fees to the “Therme 1” and the sauna court. It allows you to easily pay cashless (even massages or consumption at the sauna court restaurant). 
The discount applies to all entrance fees to the thermal spa and the sauna court (except already discounted prices).
The prepaid card is transferable and rechargeable!

Therme Eins and sauna court
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