Healing fragrances out of the “garden of senses”

Fir fragrance and pine aroma, menthol or even alcoholics in the sauna essences - that’s all in the past. The new trend in saunas: to sweat surrounded by sanative extracts of fresh roses and lavender, shrouded in aroma clouds, far away from everyday life, inside the garden of senses. Trendsetter of this bloomy sauna experience is Bad Füssing's sauna court. Guests from all over Europe are delighted by the new health-promoting aroma experiences.

With the spectacular sauna court, Europe’s most popular spa resort Bad Füssing has already been a star among the German wellness-places for years. This sauna court is a sauna landscape without peer, integrated in a reconstructed Bavarian four-sided farmstead out of the 18th century. Twelve saunas and wellness attractions await the guests: from a thermal-waterfall to Europe’s first potato-sauna.

The exclusive aroma experiences were developed in collaboration with Prof. Hademar Bankhofer, Germany’s most popular TV-health professor and author of numerous bestselling books concerning natural remedies.

For the new bloomy sauna essences, the essential oils of special roses and lavender - with an especially high concentration of active ingredients - get extracted. The delighted visitors say that the smell is infatuating; almost intoxicating.

Professor Bankhofer explains that lavender and roses cause miracles for health. According to the Professor, lavender blossoms contain a curative substance, which calms the nerves, consoles during times of emotional distress and supports the release of the “happiness hormone” serotonin. The blossoms contain linalool, which is said to be a real bacteria killer.

According to Prof. Bankhofer, rose essences show positive effects on headaches and sleep problems. Its ingredients strengthen the heart and regulate the circulation. It is said that the essential oils solve convulsions and boost good mood.

Professor Bankhofer says that the valuable active substances are released by the heat in the sauna cabin and body and soul get downright immunized. Especially in combination with Bad Füssing’s thermal water, that gushes out of the waterfall in the sauna court, the bloomy aroma clouds in the sauna are ideal to uphold or regain your inner balance, states the naturopathy expert.