Harmony for body and soul

Germany's most favoured thermal springs - where everything is about well-being and beauty. The breadth of experience waiting for your soul and body goes from A, like Ayurveda, to Z, like Zen-meditation. Baths, wraps, scrubs, facials, massages and treatments provide superb care and relaxation. Regeneration, new energy and strength will give you a better attitude towards life. Naturally, the competence of our qualified personnel is not the only high level service in Bad Füssing. The areas inside our wellness and beauty facilities offer the most modern standards as well, to give your vacation an extra dose of wellness.
Just as important are the wellness products we use - we pay particular attenion to a high tolerability and valuable ingredients.

The following blocks lead to lists of treatments, with indication of the hosts and institutions, which offer these treatments. Unfortunately, the lists are only available in German.