Even without your own car mobile in Bad Füssing

There are numerous possibilities for you to be mobile during your stay, even without your own car: the local bus service, rental cars and bike rental agencies, organised excursion trips and taxi companies.

Local bus service

Use the eco-friendly buses connecting the districts Egglfing, Würding, Aigen am Inn and Kirchham. Free of charge with your electronic Spa and Guest Card.

Car rental

You want to own a rental car to get around in Bad Füssing? Contact following rentals (Information only in German!).

Bicycle rental

Bad Füssing is ideal for cycling. In Bad Füssing there are about 2500 rental bikes available, including many convenient e-bikes (Information only in German!).

Organised excursion and sightseeing tours

Bad Füssing is characterized by a large range of events. The Spa Administration organises excursions to interesting places. Additionally, the bus company Eichberger offers interesting day trips (Information only in German!).


Two cab companies offer their services to you (day and night, big taxi, wheelchair and electronic wheelchair) (only in German!).