Welcome to Bad Füssing!

Relaxing, enjoying and healing - where would this be more feasible than in a place where Bavarian tradition, beautiful landscapes and the extraordinary healing powers of water are inextricably linked. As Europe's most popular spa in the beautiful landscape of Passau, Bad Füssing treats its guests with three thermal baths, an unparalleled health-offer and an almost limitless range of activities.

The fascinating development from a small village into a health resort

In the year of 1938, in the hamlet of Füssing, drilling-teams were searching for mineral oil. They had no idea that they would find something much more valuable: hot, curative water.

Bad Füssing has many beautiful sites

Seven charming, traditional and natural districts expect their guests and are ready to delight them: Experience a holiday of pure pleasure in the districts Bad Füssing, Aigen, Egglfing, Gögging, Riedenburg, Safferstetten and Würding.

Local bus service

Environment-friendly buses connecting Bad Füssing to its districts and to Kirchham. Free use with the electronic Spa and Guest Card and for municipality citizens with valid citizen card.


Pictures can express more than words: Here you can look at the most beautiful aspects of our likeable township, the thermal water landscapes and other parts of Bad Füssing that are worth seeing and worth knowing.

City map

Here you can find Bad Füssing's businesses, addresses and places of interest on our city maps.

Town hall

Here you can find the informations that are not only interesting for the citizens of Bad Füssing, but also for you as a tourist: Current news and appointments from the town hall, the cure-company or the three thermal spas. Unfortunately, the town hall's homepage is only available in German.

Information document of the municipality

Bulletin from the town hall of Bad Füssing (published every 2 months). Unfortunately, the document is only available in German.

Business directory A - Z

Looking for a restaurant, a massage practice or a bicycle rental in Bad Fussing? You will find it quickly in the business directory - just select a category or enter a specific search term. Unfortunately, the business directory is only available in German.