City map

Addresses, streets, public institutions, businesses and leisure destinations - you can find all of this on our city maps, which you can comfortably download or print. Especially easy to handle: our interactive city map, which shows different points of interest. The cartography moves along automatically.

Local map of Bad Füssing

No matter if streets, thermal springs or event halls, in this map you will find everything at a glance - Here you can download the local plan of Bad Füssing with its explanation as a PDF.

Local map Bad Füssing and surroundings

On this general plan, scale 1:28.000, you see Bad Füssing with its surroundings, a street directory with grid square designation and hotel finding system. Click here to Download.

Interactive city map

This internet city map informs you comprehensively about the local facts. All interesting objects are shown and described interactive. Streets, public institutions, participating businesses, hotels - click here to open. Unfortunately the city map is only available in German.