a small contribution - high benefit

Your spa tax in the spa district

The different places and municipalities belonging to Bad Füssing are divided into four spa districts. You can see in which spa district the accommodation of your choice is located, when looking into the additional remark of the accommodation list.

The location of your accommodation and the duration of your stay are the basis for calculating your spa tax. Your spa tax is a small subsidy, which brings advantages to all guests: Many facilities and services can be used for free in Bad Füssing, such as the lovely spa gardens, the Spa Orchestra, the hiking and cycling trails as well as the Nordic walking trails and much more. The spa tax is directly charged by your host. Who has to pay spa tax? How high is the contribution per spa district and per season? - everything you need to know will be answered here.

The spa tax is calculated on the basis of the number of days spent at the resort and is directly charged by your host. Arrival day and departure day are added together and count as only one day. Children up to 16 years do not have to pay spa tax. The height of the spa tax is based on the location of your accommodation and the period of your stay in Bad Füssing.

Your resort tax in each district

The area of Bad Füssing is divided into four spa districts:

Spa District I:
comprises the municipal areas of Bad Füssing (excluding the street "Pichlstraße"), Riedenburg, Safferstetten, Johannesbad, the Dr. Schwarz apartment block and the Füssinger Alm / Wies boarding house

High season: € 3.40 (01.04. - 31.10.)
Low season: € 2.60 (01.01. - 31.03. & 01.11. - 31.12.)

Spa District II:
comprises the main part of Würding, Steinreuth, Dürnöd, Ainsen, Angering, Zwicklarn, Schöchlöd, Zieglöd, Eitlöd and Bad Füssing / Pichlstraße

High season: € 2.70 (01.04. - 31.10.)
Low season: € 2.10 (01.01. - 31.03. & 01.11. - 31.12.)

Spa District III:
comprises the main part of Egglfing, Brandschachen, Weidach, Holzhaus, Schieferöd, Oberreuthen, Mitterreuthen, Unterreuthen, Flickenöd, Gögging and Wies

High season: € 2.20 (01.04. - 31.10.)
Low season: € 1.60 (01.01. - 31.03. & 01.11. - 31.12.)

Spa District IV:
comprises the area of Irching, Aigen, Aufhausen, Geigen, Hart and Voglöd

High season: € 1.80 (01.04. - 31.10.)
Low season: € 1.30 (01.01. - 31.03. & 01.11. - 31.12.)