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Click here to find out some facts about the spa resort Bad Füssing 2017, like the location, the capacity, the environment, the guest details, the healing water, the treatments in Bad Füssing and a lot more:
Bad Füssing FACTS at a glance 2019

Or have a look at the press kit 2019

You are interested in the development of Bad Füssing concerning capacity and guest details? Than have a look at this statistic, which shows data from the year 1955 to the year 2016:
The development of pax in Bad Füssing

Also interesting:
The most popular thermal spa resort in the world celebrates its 70th anniversary:
"Pearl Bath" - Discovered by American GI's

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Are you looking for pictures? Then check out the impressions on our homepage. You can find pictures of the curative thermal springs, the admirable landscape in and around Bad Füssing and a lot more right here: impressions.

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