Our excursion destinations

for unforgettable impressions

You will find the most beautiful destinations for unforgettable holiday impressions in Bad Füssing, its charming municipalities and environs. Visit churches and historic buildings, learn interesting facts at museums, explore cities and towns with their squares and parks, or enjoy the pristine, harmonious nature.

Around Bad Füssing you will find interesting and worthwhile places to visit. Discover Bavaria and be inspired by the untouched nature, the charming villages, the native people who live here, but also by cultural highlights and magnificent buildings. In short, our special spot of land offers something of everything. Engulf yourself in the Bavarian joie de vivre!

Visit some of our fabulous churches and archaic places of worship and learn more about the culture of Bavaria. Or spend a day in the Wild West and visit the Bavarian Pullman City, which is faithfully modelled after classic Wild West towns. The Bavarian Forest offers wonderful opportunities for hiking and relaxing your soul. Passau, the city of the three rivers, also provides various leisure activities from culture and modern art to countless shopping opportunities. Not only the legendary healing water in Bad Füssing helps you become or stay healthy; the love of life, the pleasure of exploring and seeing interesting places are balm for the soul, as well.

For more information and addresses to your desired destinations please contact: Kur- & GästeService, Rathausstraße 8, 94072 Bad Füssing - GERMANY,
tel: +49 (0) 8531 975580+49 (0) 8531 975580, email: tourismus@badfuessing.de

Bad Füssing goes mobile

By foot, by bike, by car or by bus you can visit the highlights of the region in a short time. Observe the pictorial localities and the idyllic landscape: A cruise on the river Inn and the Danube is like a balloon ride an experience of a special kind.

Families with children

For families with children there are also many attractive destinations to choose. Popular destinations are for example the bear park, the deer park or the ostrich farm. Also worth seeing are the fishing trail at the Inn or the amber museum. More information can be found here.

Museums and exhibitions in and around Bad Füssing

In Bad Füssing you can visit interesting exhibitions at the Leonhardi museum, at the Amber museum, at the evangelical parish and at the casino, which all are opened from time to time. Also in the surrounding area of Bad Füssing art lovers can visit numerous exhibitions, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Passau or the Alfred Kubin gallery in Wernstein / Austria.