Pharmacies in Bad Füssing

At the pharmacies in Bad Füssing, you not only get comprehensive advice on medicines, but answers to all health questions, along with tips about your spa break. They offer products for your health and your well-being: herbal and natural medicines, homeopathic remedies, veterinary medicines, nutritional supplements, surgical dressings, bandages, compression stockings, toiletries, hygiene items, test strips, blood tests and nutritional counselling.

Pharmacies - always close - always there for you!

Löwen Apotheke

Thermalbadstraße 9
Bad Füssing
tel: +49 (0)8531 29279

Kurpark Apotheke

Kurallee 18
Bad Füssing
tel: +49 (0)8531 2022
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Thermen Apotheke

Sonnenstraße 4
Bad Füssing
tel: +49 (0)8531 21203