Experience Bad Füssing's perks

with your Spa & Guest Card or the PassauRegioCard

The easiest way to fully experience Bad Füssing's offers for a reasonable price, is using your Spa and Guest Card. It includes free entrance for numerous attractions and events in Bad Füssing: You can use recreational facilities such as the reading room, the outdoor chess and the boccia lane for free, or take part in guided hiking tours, bike excursions or dancing evenings. Additionally, you can even listen to readings or lectures, everything free of charge. Also included is the one-time admission to the casino in Bad Füssing, a training session at the “biovital®BewegungsParcours” and much more. You also get discounts in many establishments.

Really profitably is the acquisition of the PassauRegioCard, which expands the advantages of the Spa and Guest Card. It is a door opener for over hundreds of attractions in the “Passauer Land” and brings you the benefit of lots of free tickets, advantage and discount tickets. You receive the Spa and Guest Card from your host, directly after your arrival. You can buy the PassauCard from your host or at the spa administration of Bad Füssing.

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