Our healing water - history of a legendary curative effect

price list of the three thermal springs

The outdoor and indoor areas of our three thermal baths are open! Saunas are still closed, except for the Saunahof of the Therme Eins.

Water is the essence of all life. It not only forms the basis of the human body, but also gives us balance, relaxation and wellbeing. In the year of 1953, the curativeness of the thermal water in Bad Füssing got certified by the balneology department of the University of Munich. Pure and full of active components, 100.000 litres of the initially 56 degrees hot, sulphur bearing healing water rise up from 1,000 metres and into our therapy water basins. Once you get enter the healing waters of Bad Füssing, you will see: It works like a dip into life itself.