Information document of the municipality

Bad Füssing news bulletin only available in German

Here you can download the news bulletins as PDF files! Unfortunately, the documents are only available in German!

Information documents 2019

Edition: november/december             - online scrolling  november/december

Edition: september/october               - online scrolling  september/october

Edition: july/august                            - online scrolling  july/august

Edition: may/june                               - online scrolling  may/june

Edition: march/april                            - online scrolling  march/april

Edition: january/february                    - online scrolling  january/february


Information documents 2018

Edition: november/december             - online scrolling  november/december

Edition: july/august                            - online scrolling  july/august

Edition: may/june
                               - online scrolling  may/june

Edition: march/april                             - online scrolling  march/april

Edition: january/february                     - online scrolling  january/february
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