Aqua Piano

Bad Füssing: “feel good” in major and minor

Embark on a journey through the world of big piano compositions - from classic to modern age. These are interpreted by internationally renowned and multiply awarded artists, or also chosen emerging pianists, who will probably be counted among the world's elite by tomorrow.

Aqua Piano will give you an unforgettable musical pleasure: feel good in "major and minor". Our guests enjoy the symbiotic relationship between the harmonizing sound of soothing piano music and the healing power of Bad Füssing's thermal springs.

Aqua Piano brings the magic of famous and new compositions to the aficionados of big piano music in a concertante ambience. The small event hall with its fine acoustics, crowned by the sound of a very special concert grand, offers ideal conditions.




• December 2nd, 2022: "In candlelight" --> more information (German)

• March 23rd, 2023: "Water colors" --> more information (German)

• August 18th, 2023: "Classic in blue" --> more information (German)

• December 13th, 2023: "Classic for the senses" --> more information (German)