The unique composition of our thermal water (source temperature 56° C) causes, along with other factors of the spa treatment, a complete changeover of the organism and thus restores the body's own defenses.

Mann und Frau im Pool

Rheumatic illnesses

Chronically inflammatory diseases of the joints (potential synovitis, chronic polyarthritis, PCP or rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis arising from other causes), indications of wear and tear of the articulatory joints (degenerative rheumatism or arthrosis and polyarthrosis), chronically inflammable processes of the joint region, particularly with regard to shoulder and hip joints (periarthritis), rheumatism of the muscles, muscle tenseness and hardness (rheumatism musculorum, crampus, myogelosis), chronic inflammation of the nerves and neural pains (chronic neuritis and neuralgia, particularly of the ischiadic nerve and the plexus of the arm).

Spinal column complaints

Indications of wear and tear of spinal corpora and joints (spondylosis, spondylarthrosis), damage to the intervertebral discs (chondrosis or osteochondrosis), intervertebral disc prolapse (nucleus pulposus – prolapse), lumbago, migraine (cervical), chronically inflammable processes at the joints and discs of the spinal column, and at the intervertebral discs (Morbus Bechterev or spondylitis ankylopoetica), deficiencies in support and positioning of the spinal column and its components, bending of the spinal column with structural complaints (such as those described by M. Scheuermann, cyphoscoliosis, hyperlordosis, rounded back, concave gibbus of the back, spondylolisthesis), weakness of the spinal column (spinal insufficiency), deformations of the extremities and joints.

Metabolic illnesses

Increased levels of urea in the blood (hyperuricaemia), gout (arthritis urica), decalcification of the bones (osteoporosis arising from endocrine and other causes).

Post-operative treatment

Physical states after bone fractures, delayed bone formation (formation of callus), consequences of bruises and injuries to limbs, conditions after haematoma, after muscle injuries and after operations on the muscles and ligament tissue, muscle weakness due to inactivity and bad posture (atrophy due to inactivity), conditions after burns, scar complaints. Post-treatment after operations on the spinal column (intervertebral disc operations) and on joints (particularly total internal implementation of artificial devices in hip and knee joints).

Cardiovascular and circulatory complaints

Coronary diseases (when compensated), condition after a heart attack, nervous and functional heart complaints. 
High and low blood pressure disorders, vegetative dystonia.

Blood flow complaints

of the limbs, intermittent limping (peripheral blood flow acrocyanosis, erythrocyanosis, endangiitis obliterans or Morbus Winiwarter-Bürger, Morbus-Raynaud, arteriosclerosis), condition after vascular surgery


of the sluggish and spastic variety. Instances of paralysis after accidents, injuries and operations (post-traumatic, post-operative instances of paralysis), condition after strokes (post-apoplectic condition) six months after the last stroke. After-effects of a spinal childhood paralysis (post-poliomyelitic status)

Gynaecological complaints

Chronically inflammable uterine diseases (chronic Adnex illnesses), fusion complaints (adhesions), hormonal and functional uterine complaints (amenorrhoe, fertility disorders)...

General regeneration

Stimulation of the metabolic system, detox, environmentally induced complaints, stress-related diseases, states of exhaustion, relief of age-related complaints


Acute inflammations of any kind, severe states of physical exhaustion (Kachexia), infection-related illnesses, also tuberculosis-like processes (So long as their inactivity has not been assured). Severe, unbalanced (decompensated) cardiovascular illnesses. Post-coronary conditions (after 9½ months at the earliest)