Promotion of Good Health

Health ServiceCentre Bad Füssing: Promotion of good health

Bad Füssing offers many active programs and individual measures of health promotion. Exercise for your health’s sake - A rolling stone gathers no moss. Before long, you'll be able to feel the success, our professional therapists assure you!

The spa administration was awarded by the Bavarian Spa Association (Bayerischer Heilbäderverband e. V.) for its ‘exemplary promotion of good health at the spa’.


Our offers for you:

Relaxation training

  • Hatha yoga
  • Body and muscle relaxation using the Jacobsen approach of progressive relaxation

Nutrition counselling

  • Behavioural and therapeutic
  • Practical in the teaching kitchen

Exercise training

  • Spinal column gymnastics
  • Back school
  • Nordic walking
  • Aqua-Fit
  • Functional pelvic floor training
  • Pilates
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